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“Magic is for Everyone”

Our main focus has been on facilitating the creation of real life playgroups that emphasize a welcoming atmosphere for players of all kinds. See our official Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals below.

Please like our Facebook page and or follow us on Twitter

You can also join the discussion and enquire about forming a local playgroup in our Facebook group or contact us by email.

We also have a clan on Magic Online. Message “tmurdock” to be added to the Planeswalkers for Diversity clan.

We stream weekly on twitch.tv/mtgdiversity and we are also starting to build up a YouTube video channel to archive streams.

Mission: (why do we exist) 

Planeswalkers for Diversity consists of gamers who are passionate about Magic: The Gathering being played in an atmosphere that is welcoming, inclusive, and accessible to everyone regardless of their gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, race, religion, disability, or anything else that has nothing to do with the game.

Note: Magic: The Gathering is © Wizards of the Coast. Planeswalkers for Diversity is unaffiliated with Wizards of the Coast

Vision: (what do we want to accomplish)

We strive to create an environment in local game stores, at premier events, and on Magic Online where anyone can play Magic: The Gathering without fear of being judged or triggered.

Values: (how do we want to behave to accomplish our vision)

We aim to achieve our vision by raising awareness. Much discrimination is the result of ignorance. Therefore, we highly value:

  • respect for everyone
  • open, honest discussion, and
  • assumption of positive intent.

Modeling respect for all people encourages others to follow the same “best practices.”

Commitment to open and honest discussion provides a safe environment for people to explore new knowledge and ideas they may not have encountered before.

Assumption of positive intent creates an opportunity to raise awareness without tearing others down.

Each of these values helps encourage everyone to consider how their behaviour may affect others in ways that they might not be aware of.

Goals: (how will we track progress)

To facilitate the creation of real life playgroups that emphasize a wecloming atmosphere for players of all kinds. A list of local chapters is available in our Facebook group.

To stream Magic at least weekly at www.twitch.tv/mtgdiversity to raise awareness online.

To run a Facebook group as a forum where others may find a supportive network.

To spread information that encourages inclusivity using our Facebook page, twitter account, and website (including interview series).

To develop materials to hand out at events in case players are in need of support.

To partner with Gamers Against Bigotry (and develop our own pledge?).

To produce Planeswalkers for Diversity merchandise to raise visibility.

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